Monday, February 7, 2011

I never meant to lie...

I really did not intend to tell a lie. I honestly thought that I was on the verge and just about to, and I have felt that way ever since I wrote that last blog post back in late June of last year, but it hasn’t happened yet. Many other things have happened, some of which have made it difficult, for the time being, to have space and time in my studio, in fact, most of my paints and materials are packed up for now.

I still have lots of creative ideas, but the actual painting and creating of them will have to wait. They will have to wait until we move to a bigger place. One major thing that has happened over this past year is that I became a grandmother! This is proving to be a thrilling journey, little Lily has brought such joy into our house. Joy and happiness…and a lot of ‘stuff’! My daughter, her beau and the baby have moved in with us, so now we all need to move to a bigger place! We had been planning on moving anyway, so this is no surprise.

I have still been keeping creative, even if I haven’t been painting. I have been focusing my creative energies on photographic ones…last January 1st, 2010, I began a Project 365, and on December 31st, 2010, I completed it. I had so much fun that I am doing another one!

A number of us who finished up our Project 365 at the end of December were sent some interview questions…you can find my answers here at the 365 Community Blog. At the end is a slide show of all of my photos for the year:

I do miss writing my blog though. Through the process of writing it, I would reflect on whatever it was I was working on, taking the time to examine my creative processes, to look closely at how I came up with my different ideas and how these ideas would grow and change into more ideas. Blogging made me sit back and look over things in a way that I simply don’t do at all if I’m not writing my blog and I believe that process helped my creative growth.

I do still spend most of my free time “filling the well”, getting in all the eye candy that I can, as well as reading about and learning new things. My CariƱo told me about this new Google project that he heard about on the radio – Google Art Project. I have just started to wander about in it and it is wonderful! There is a great video that explains the project and an article about it from ‘The Economist’ and you can find the Google Art Project here. I think I am going to be spending some quality time wandering around these museums. I love that, with some of the paintings, you can zoom right in and almost feel the brush strokes – and no gallery security guard is going to yell at you for being too close to a piece of art!